Booking policies


1. The Hotel is not responsible for money, jewelery, valuables or other goods left in your room, or for objects left in your vehicle.
2. NO SMOKING IN THE ROOMS. In case of breach of this policy, a charge will be applied depending on the damage caused or the treatment that has being given to the room.
3. Any material damage to the establishment must be paid to the hotel before departure, for the total amount stipulated by the Administration.
4. The pool can only be used from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
5. Only the person or persons who previously registered at the reception can stay at the hotel. 
6. The Hotel reserves the right of admission of any person to its establishment.
7. The daily rent per room will be computed from 12:00 hrs. If the guest does not vacate the room before that time, another night will be charged.
8. The guest guarantees with a credit card and his luggage the payment of his account; therefore, he will not be able to remove his luggage without authorization from the administration.
9. The payment of the room must be made in advance and before receiving the keys. The guest who does not bring luggage must pay in advance for the subsequent nights. In case of not doing so, the room will be released as an exit when the rent is due.
10. The guest must pay his bill when the hotel requires it in cash or through authorized credit cards. Personal checks are not accepted, nor any other type of credit certificate. If the client pays with foreign currency, an additional charge will be made for the conversion in national currency.
11. For hygiene and guest comfort, animals are not allowed in the hotel.
12. In the event of the death of a guest, the hotel administration will notify the public prosecutor and make the customer's luggage available to them.
13. The Hotel will terminate the accommodation contract and will ask the guest to vacate their room in the following cases:
A) For violating the layout of this regulation.
B) When the guest scandalizes, engages in immoral behavior or causes inconvenience to other guests.
C) If you cause material damage to the establishment, without prejudice to the corresponding compensation payment, that is, you will not have any type of reimbursement or benefit.
D) If the guest commits a crime prosecuted by local or national laws.
E) If you are absent from the hotel for more than 48 hours, without prior notice to the administration.
F) If the host suffers from a contagious disease.
14. In the event that the guest requires an invoice of their stay, the guest is obligated to leave their billing data to make the invoice during their check in, in the event that no billing address is left the guest renounces their right to the invoice of their stay.

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